Workshop is: "A few musicians playing the same instruments get together, play, talk, and answer questions from the audience."

WORKSHOPS 2024 / Saturday


Singing and Vocals Alenka Schernstein Vítová 12:00
Improvisation in Bluegrass
New AliquotDavid BendaRalph Schut 13:00
Band Workshop
The Dirty Grass Players 14:30


Workshops video archive: 2017 , 2016 (with Alison Brown) and 2015 (with Tony Furtado) by David Obdržálek.
Workshops video archive:

2019 (guitar workshop with Derek Johnson and dobro, mandolin, and banjo workshops with David Robinson)
2018 (dobro, guitar, and banjo workshops, Mike Compton interview)
2017 (banjo workshop with Luis Gómez, dobro workshop with Al Brinkerhoff, guitar and mandolin workshops)
2016 (banjo workshop with Alison Brown, guitar, mandolin, and violin workshops)
2015 (banjo workshop with Tony Furtado)