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What is the Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic?
BA of the Czech Republic is a civic association founded in 1995 and registered with the Ministry of Interior. It has about 300 members from Czech and Slovak Republic. It is controlled by five elected members of the BA.

The aim of the BA?
The aim is:
- to encourage playing and listening to bluegrass and acoustic music
- to help bluegrass develop
- to ensure Czech bluegrass contact abroad
- to give for our members as much information as possible

What the BA does?
The BA publishes the newsletter Bluegrassove Listy every two months.
The BA organizes the Annual Awards for the best bluegrass instrumentalist and vocalist in the country.
The BA takes part in organizing the oldest BG festival in Europe, the Banjo Jamboree in Caslav.
The BA is co-organizing BG workshops and trying to support regular all-year concerts of BG acts.
The BA supported releasing a CD of top non-professional BG bands from the Banjo Jamboree in Caslav.
The BA get discounts in selected BG shops.

The Address:
Bluegrassová asociace ČR z.s.
Bludovice 137, 741 01
e-mail: brandejs.banjo@gmail.com
A 3-minute overview of the whole Czech Bluegrass scene (created by the CzechBMA) can be seen here: